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   Business Finance  
Sindall Jackson Associates Limited works throughout the world with companies who have a strong sense of responsibility to their investors, employees and customers, and who understand the need to educate their staff in the wider business picture, not just in job-related skills.

In a series of one, two or three-day workshops senior and middle managers, and individual contributors, understand the importance of creating returns to investors; sales and customer service staff understand the importance of revenue growth and maintaining margins; and manufacturing and R&D understand the financial impact of their investment decisions. They all learn the key role that cash plays in running a value-creating business.

   Business Simulations  

Highly competitive, board-based business simulations that develop commercial and financial acumen, show how profit is created and illustrate the importance of cash flow to a business. These one to three-day workshops fully engage participants as they run their own companies in a highly competitive market, making investment, pricing and borrowing decisions.

     Financial Decision-Making  
A two-day workshop which presents a model for making investment decisions that are not only technically acceptable but that improve profitability and investor returns.
   Managing for Financial Success
 and Shareholder Value

A two-day workshop which helps senior and middle management, and individual contributors, understand how their day-to-day decisions create financial results which lead to a positive return to investors.

Making Business Sense of Finance
   Sales & Customer Service  

Selling is changing. Competition increases while product differentiation decreases. Customers care about partnerships more than about price. They seek relationships that will be beneficial - products and services that meet their business objectives.

Sales and Customer Service staff can only succeed in today's market by recognising these changes and equipping themselves with the right tools.

The Customer Oriented Selling curriculum provides a philosophy and process that ensures customer-facing staff meet these challenges:
• The philosophy: focus on the customer and help them make intelligent decisions
• The process applies to pre-call planning, the sales cycle, and post-call planning. It results in action and commitment at each phase of the sale.

In a series of one- or two-day workshops Sales and Customer Service staff learnt the skills of acquiring and retaining customers, thus building long-term relationships which lead to profitable revenue growth and stable financial results.


   Customer Oriented Selling  

A two or three-day workshop that teaches a process, strategies and the skills needed in productive and successful selling. A fully interactive workshop COS uses your company's products and services so that your sales staff have a real-world application of the skills learnt.


 Winning Through Customer

A two-day workshop, based on the philosophy of COS, which gives the customer service specialist a process that enables successful customer transactions.
Earning the Right to Ask for the Order