Managing for Financial Success and Shareholder Value  
 What every manager should know about business finance

Managing for Financial Success and Shareholder Value is an action-oriented workshop, conducted as a strategic business meeting for executives, managers and employees who are responsible for creating value for shareholders, customers and employees.

The focus is on your company's strategic and financial goals. Participants build financial knowledge and skills, and commit to improve your financial results.

In a highly interactive two-day session, participants address:
• critical business issues facing your company
   and its managers
• actions your company has taken to deal with the issues
• key leverage points where small improvements will
   make large improvements in financial results
• decisions and actions each manager must take
   to achieve the goals

Discussions, analyses and examples are based on your products, markets, financial objectives and financial reporting system.



This workshop succeeds because

it incorporates your latest financial reports and results
• it focuses on your current critical issues
• it uses a unique simplified block diagram of your
   financial reporting system
• it makes extensive use of charts and diagrams,
   rather than numeric detail
• it emphasizes practical applications,
   not accounting theory
• it is interactive and participative, not a lecture

A Post Associates programme

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Making Business Sense of Finance
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