Winning Through Customer Service    

While winning customers may be hard, keeping them is even harder. So what do customers really want? They want quick response, instant information, and solutions to their problems. They want exceptional customer service. No organization can afford to lose customers because of poor service, but many do. Customers remember how they've been treated and spread the news. In today's high tech and demanding consumer market, customer service is mission critical. When customers are pleased, they're likely to spend more on your product or service. When customer service representatives understand their role in this, they will keep customers coming back.

This workshop trains your sales and service personnel to present a professional image and to communicate effectively in everyday customer service transactions, as well as in difficult situations. The skills taught address the major concerns identified by over fifty organizations within the service industry and over 10 years of product field research. At the heart of this program, is a step-by-step process for conducting a customer service transaction.

Who in Your Organization Will Benefit?
• Sales and service representatives
• Service managers
• Anyone who has internal and external customer contact



After successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:
• Demonstrate professionalism on the job while building
  a proactive, problem-solving culture.
• Use essential communication skills in dealings with
• Recognize characteristics of human behavioral style
  and opportunities to adapt to their personal style.
• Identify and utilize a structured process for
  conducting customer service transactions.
• Master strategies for dealing appropriately with
  difficult customer situations.

Course Format
The program is a core 1 1/2-day programme that can also be delivered in a condensed one-day version, or in three 1/2-day sessions. An optional feature shows you how to incorporate behavior/communication style surveys to reinforce the communication portion of the program.

Winning Through Customer Service is designed to be administered by one of your trainers or line managers, or by one of our trainers.

A Vital Learning programme

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