Customer Oriented Selling  

Customer-Oriented Selling is the most comprehensive and flexible sales development programme available in the marketplace today. Your sales force will learn how to build successful business relationships by helping customers achieve both their business and personal objectives.

COS teaches a consultative process for developing understanding and agreement between the customer and your salespeople throughout the sales process. It's a logical, non-manipulative approach that works. COS develops proven selling skills while teaching your salespeople to be responsive consultants - individuals sincerely interested in helping to achieve the business objectives of their customers.

COS offers a route to more satisfied customers, more successful salespeople and better long-term business relationships.

Who Will Benefit?
New and experienced salespeople, sales managers, and marketing personnel.

The flexibility of one-, two- and three-day implementation options enables you to tailor the delivery of COS to a specific audience.


Participants in COS will be able to:
• determine the customer's objectives and
   situation factors
• understand and use the key customer-focused
   communication skills
• prepare for and learn from each sales call through
   pre- and post-call analysis
• conduct s
ales calls using a proven four-phase
   customer focused sales process
• effectively handle obstacles without feeling
   uncomfortable or adversarial.

Course Length and Format
The core COS program is a two-day, interactive workshop for 6 to 18 participants. One- and three-day versions are also available. Activities include:
• facilitator presentations and skill modelling
• readings
• video modelling
• group discussions and problem-solving exercises
• extensive application of the skills and concepts to
   your sales environment
• multiple pair practices and role-play exercises built
   around your products or services
• immediate feedback and critique of the participants'
   use of COS skills and techniques.

A Vital Learning programme

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