Financial Decision-Making  
 Incorporating key financial considerations and information into business decision making

In order to make decisions that improve profitability and shareholder value, executives and managers need a proven model for using strategic & financial information, concepts and tools.

Participants learn to use integrated strategic, financial and risk management methods and information in order to be more effective as decision-makers. They use financial information and decision tools to evaluate a case study that is based specifically on decisions your managers are making now or expect to make in the near future.


When they leave this highly interactive workshop your managers will be able to use strategic and financial decisions tools and incorporate your strategic and financial information into their business decisions.

This workshop succeeds because

• it incorporates your latest financial reports and results
• it focuses on your current critical issues
• it uses a unique simplified block diagram of your
   financial reporting system
• it makes extensive use of charts and diagrams,
   rather than numeric detail
• it emphasizes practical applications,
   not accounting theory
• it is interactive and participative, not a lecture

A Post Associates programme

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Making Business Sense of Finance