business, n: the purchase and sale of goods and services;
a commercial or industrial venture or establishment

vb: management of money, credit or loans
n: the ability to make good decisions


Sindall Jackson Associates Limited takes the accounting out of finance and puts finance into the daily decision-making process - where it belongs.

We specialise in the provision of consultancy and training which ensures that all levels of management, including individual contributors, understand their organisation's business model and know how their daily activities impact that model.

If the core objective of a company is to create value for its investors, clients and employees, then it is vital that all levels of staff understand how they contribute to that value-creation. They should understand their company's business model at a practical level, not just in theory.



They must be aware of the company's goals and strategies. Senior, junior and middle managers, supervisors, salespeople and specialists cannot be expected to make the right decisions if they do not know the whole story.

Leaders should lead in the direction the company wants to go; managers should manage the right level of assets; salespeople should sell the appropriate mix of products and services at the correct margins; manufacturing should be aware of its impact on cash; specialists should work inside the company's objectives; and support functions must know the model they are supporting. None of this can be achieved if they do not understand the model and have no accurate knowledge of the numbers.

Using a mix of methodologies, we bring these issues alive for all levels of staff.

Business is really more agreeable than pleasure
Walter Bagehot

Making Business Sense of Finance