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"Everybody has a stake in the company's success. This workshop helps them understand their roles and responsibilities in driving that success."
Dan Wilson, Director HR Development,
Lennox International Inc.

"One of the best workshops I have ever attended"
Ulrich Schumacher, CEO,
Infineon Technologies AG

"It is good to show the people in the trenches that what they do really can increase shareholder value. Sometimes that idea gets lost as we go down the line. This course gives a great perspective that what is done at lower levels can affect shareholder value and share price."
Phillip Pond, Controller,
Heatcraft Refrigeration Products

  "This course should be mandatory for all company managers. Knowing and applying the financial concepts in every business unit is fundamental to our long-term success."
Greg Delagi, Director, Sales and Marketing,
Texas Instruments

"The workshop heightened our managers' awareness of what it takes to be a successful business. Once our people understood our revenue goals and strategies and why they were chosen, they developed their own action plans, and are striving to achieve them."
Bob England, Strategic Business Manager,
Texas Instruments

"A lively and entertaining way to gain insights into the finance & accounting world! Learn what counts in business and how to increase your economic value."
Hans-Martin Stech, Chief Financial Officer,
Infineon Technologies Asia Pacific Pte Ltd