Business Simulations  

Developing your employees' commercial and financial acumen, so that they understand how the company
creates profit and how they can support strategic decisions, is a challenge that is all to often met by just teaching
them the basics of accounting. Experiencing our highly competitive simulations helps people build
understanding and skills rapidly in a competitive, real world environment, as well as making learning fun.
These simplified models of your business show its main moving parts and how they interact.

Our business simulations:

• Develop your employees' business acumen and commercial awareness
• Change their decision-making behaviour
• Helps establish key financial metrics
• Engage employees in a powerful team building exercise
• Build a common language to support strategic decisions.

The benefits to your business?
• Your employees become better decision-makers and more productive in their everyday work, accelerating an improvement in your strategic performance and business results.
• Our generic and tailored business simulations cover a wide range of industries and are based on unique, proven development methodology. They are used by top companies and business schools world-wide.
• These hands-on business simulations model your business to develop your employees' commercial awareness, create profit and support strategic decisions.

Workshop duration and size
Typically, a simulation workshop lasts for two days. Participants are broken into six competing teams, each of up to four members.



How the simulations work for you:
The business simulations are effective because participants have to make real decisions, under time pressure and in an environment which demonstrates all the commercial challenges your own company faces.

As our business simulations are not computer based, all decisions are made by the participants, so they build their understanding and skills in a realistic context. Having rapidly absorbed essential concepts and behaviours, employees can transfer them immediately to their workplace.

As for the intangible returns on your investment,
our business simulations provide 100% engagement, total participant delight, and an opportunity for team building.

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